Some misconceptions about PES 2014

Below are my views on some of the common complaints on PES 2014 that I read in the forums. I’ve had the game only for a week but most of these simply are misconceptions about the game because of the novelty of controls and approach that the game demands.

Player responsiveness: I don’t find any problem in this regard at all. Sometimes, the AI opponent reacts quicker but you need to realise that your player also has the pace to catch up and still win the ball. This wasn’t possible in PES 2013. So I think many may just lose hope and think there’s a problem with play responsiveness.

Dribbling: If you haven’t learnt the new dribbling mechanism in PES 2014, you’re going to be frustrated and you will surely hate this game. I’m not saying I’ve fully learnt the dribbling technique but I’m getting there. The biggest mistake one could do in PES 2014 would be to dribble like he used to in PES 2013 or in FIFA 13.

Catch-up bug: This is when the defender catch up the faster attacker even well after the attacker has broken away.┬áThere’s no catch up bug. If you think there’s a catch up ‘bug’, you’re probably not doing it right. I’ve scored many solo runs with capable defenders behind, beside and ahead of my player. Use the tools to your advantage. Slight direction changes, shoulder drops and speed bursts in diff directions – all help.

Player switching: Again, I don’t find any issues here. Yes there are these odd occasions where the switching may not be as quick as you want but hardly a game breaker. Too small and too infrequent a niggle.

Weak shots: My shooting was also poor. I used to be very poor with one-on-ones. Because every time, I used to hit the ball with 10% fill of the bar, just like the old PES. But all my shots were rolling slowly for the keeper to pouch safely. It was all about how much of the power gauge do we need to fill for a good shot. In the earlier PES, filling the bar would be row Z while just about 10-15% would be a driven shot.

In PES 2014, the sweet spot looks to be where you can fill the power gauge from 50-75%. If you fill it less than 50%, it could be a weak, pointless shot. If you fill it over 75% you run the risk of going off target. Again, needless to say, how quick or slow the bar fills will depend on the shot accuracy stat of the player striking the ball. Try this and let me know how this works.

Goalkeepers: Don’t know what people are complaining here. I find goalkeepers to be superhuman. They make some Incredible saves and many times looks unpenetrable. The only problem with them is the ‘near post goal bug’. It’s not a problem with the way the goalkeepers are coded. It’s an unwanted script that kicks in for the bear post goal bug. The goalkeepers in PES 2014 are bloody hard to beat otherwise.

High defence: Many complain that their defence plays too high up on the pitch. It’s a simple tactical tweak that you need to do in the game plan setting. By default, all teams are set to high defence. Change it before the kick off and you should be fine.

I think many of these complaints won’t exist if we spend more time on understanding and playing the game.┬áLet’s remember one thing. These games are not meant to be 100% realistic. It’s a 15-min representation of what happens for 90 mins in football. There’s going to be some amount of artistic freedom that developers might take in making these games. If we really want 100% realism in a 15-min game, it could be boring like hell. With such games you can get closer to realism and to expect and to wait for perfect realism is just naivety.