Wish list for the next PES 2014 patch

The things I want the next patch for PES 2014 to fix:

(a) Fix the ‘near post goal bug’. That’s the only thing that looks buggy. And there are goals being scored through this bug. This should be fixed.

(b) Some final third scripts: While the whole game feels totally free and in full control, as soon as you enter the final third, some scripts do kick in sometimes. These are not always advantageous to the AI but also to the human player’s teams. Hope Konami’s next patch makes the final third action as free as it’s in the other two-thirds.

(c) More player weight: the players don’t look as weighty as they should be. Don’t know how they do it but they should add some heaviness with the players. Players should not be floaty or light. Not that they are in PES 2014 but some more improvement would do. I’m sure WE 2014 would make the players heavier.

(d) Slowness: Menus have become terribly slow after applying the option file. There’s no way the game menus can slow down because the option files have added a few images. Plus, sometimes, there’s some slowness in the final third and particularly when there are too many players in the box. Unacceptable problem in this day and age.

(e) Camera angles: They’ve made such an awesome game that they should be doing a show off with numerous camera angles. Instead what we got is limited camera options and customisation within those options. They should add more camera angles in the forthcoming patch.

None of these are game breaking for me yet but can immensely improve the PES 2014 experience.