Hello folks!

Welcome to my little Pro Evo blog. The idea of this blog is to just post anything on PES. There is a lot to write about PES, especially PES 2012. I might write about the matches that I play, my online experiences, my tactics and strategies and anything else on PES. Basically, this is a place dedicated for our my rants and ramblings, tips and findings – all things PES.

I’m a big fan of tactics in football games. Good part of my time with the football games, particularly the PES series, was spent on editing the player values. I’ve spent countless hours on editing a number of values for various players across all leagues. I’ve tweaked them relentlessly until I could hit that sweet spot, which was always a moving target I now gather.

PES has always been very editor-friendly. But until PES 6, I didn’t really see the need to edit player values. Somehow, Konami had got it right. But from PES 2008 onwards (they should have continued with the serial number in the title instead of year no?), every single edition had to be further edited for player speed, acceleration, dribble speed, dribble accuracy, technique etc. My edits weren’t just limited to PES. Even in FIFA, where editing is a nightmare, I used to do a lot of editing work. I had even shared those in the FIFA forums in the name of ‘bluchampblogger’.

The idea of this website is to share with you my ideas on player editing for optimum game play experience. The edits are not necessarily because there’s something wrong with the game. Many times, I’ve seen that the way I want the game to play is different from the way Konami intended the game to play.

You’ll start seeing a lot of discussions, suggestions and pictures on formations, sliders and playing styles. So stay tuned!

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